The Areas 2019

So, after a great preparation, we head off to Blackpool, a few minutes late, due to a forgotten glasses incident.

Blackpool roadworks didn’t help, and as we were making our way to the rehearsal venue, we got the call. ‘Don’t get settled, we’ve drawn No 1!’

With that, a quick rehearsal , and round to the Winter Gardens.

Once registered, we had the opportunity to play the National Anthem in stage ahead of the test piece. A controlled performance of ‘The Queen’ paved the way to an excellent performance of ‘Rise of the Phoenix’. The band did everything that MD John North had asked of us, and each and every member came off stage knowing they had put a great performance in.

However, 10th from 17 bands was the result.

This still leaves us heading into 2020 at the top of the 2nd Section in the North West, and achievement to be proud of. Well done and thanks to each end every player for their commitment to a great performance.

You can hear it here